Construction in Zhuangzi

Audiovisual work based on a modified Lorenz dynamical system.

Construction in Zhuangzi is a live audiovisualisation of a modified Lorenz dynamical system, a three-dimensional model of convection that is nonlinear, chaotic and sensitive to initial conditions. It is implemented in Max/MSP/Jitter.

A performance takes the form of an improvisation involving the modification of parameters of the dynamical system, these human interactions being indicated by momentary colour-inversions. The real-time, generative audiovisuals establish a perceptual feedback loop between the performer and the near-autonomous algorithm, or perhaps a duet/duel between these two elements due to the ‘butterfly effect’ and the emergent behaviour of the dynamical system.

Interesting results are obtained as audio, either as signal data in nonstandard synthesis or control data such as rhythm, pitch and panning (no pre-recorded samples or conventional oscillators are used apart from sine waves) and as OpenGL 3D visuals. Being representations of the same data source, coherence between these two domains are maintained without either being subservient to the other as it is neither the audio triggering the visuals nor vice versa as is often the case.

The outcome is an integrated audiovisual, real-time, generative, interactive,  and improvised live performance.

A fixed media version of the work was featured in the official selection for Videomedeja – 16th International Video Festival and MADATAC 04 Contemporary New Media Audio-Visual Arts Festival / Transfera, and is a finalist in the Fresh Minds Festival.

For more details, see the article “Audiovisual Harmony: The realtime audiovisualisation of a single data source in Construction in Zhuangzi Organised Sound 17(2), 2012.

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    • ryo

      Video links have been fixed. You should be able to embed them straight into wordpress using these:

      [vimeo 26665793]
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      [vimeo 26955930]


      25 August, 2012 at 20:48

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