This is the homepage of UK-based Japanese artist Ryo Ikeshiro whose practice deals with sound, media and computation.


Pika! Ppeonjjeog, Pika! Ppeonjjeog / Ppiikkaa!! PPppeeoonnjjjjeeoogg
– Mixed-media installation


– A sonic revitalisation of Księży Młyn, Łódź


Ethnic Diversity in Sites of Cultural Activity
– An interactive audiovisual installation


Composition: White Square, White Circle
– available in limited edition digital format.



Construction in Kneading
– Live audiovisualisation of a Mandelbox fractal


Construction in Zhuangzi
– Live audiovisualisation of a modified Lorenz dynamical system


– interactive sound installation demo


David Tudor’s Rainforest IV


– Live electronics and improvisation ensemble
Live footage:


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